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Five days lecture series in Bhilai Maitri College.. 'Insight into Research'.
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 Welcome to Maitri Vidya Niketan. English Medium Senior Secondary School Risali Sector, Bhilai.
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Students of Maitri Vidya Niketan, English Medium Senior Secondary School,Risali brought laurels to the school by their outstanding performance bringing 100% resultin class XBoard Examination 2020.NidhiDarsena topped with 96.8%,Nirjala Kumari stood 2ndwith 93%,Navjyoti Soan stood 3rd with 92%,Deepa stood 4th with 91.3% ,KumkumTamrakar stood 5th with 88.1%,Muskan Dewangan&Harshita Singh stood 6th with 86.5%,SakshiVerma stood 7th with 85.1%,Prachi Patel stood 8th with 84.6%,NeeleshKumar Soni stood 9th with 84.5%and SuryakantSahu stood 10th with 83%.103 Students got distinction in different subjects. The result of students was very much encouraging which showed the efforts of the teachers, students and the support as well as motivation of the parents & the school. SmtRajamSudhakaran President MECA, Directors ShriS.Sajeev&S.Sajan, Director and Principal Smt. SajithaThambi, Vice Principal Dr. BeenaSajeev, Head Mistress Smt. Nishi Sajan, Teachers and staff members congratulated the students and wished them for their bright future.

Maitri Vidya Niketan English Medium Senior Secondary School Risali has excellent result in the class XII Board exam 2020. The institutes students who, with their incredible performance brought laurels are: Harsh Meshram and Shibang Das topped the school with 94.8%, Himanshu Yadav secured 2nd position with 93.8%, Tanmay Patil secured 3rd position with 93.6%, Chinmayee Dahake secured 4th position with 93.2%, Arpita Singh secured 5th position with 92.6%, Rupali Baghel secured 6thposition with 92%, Yogendra Sahu secured 7th position with 90.6%, Utsav Sharma secured 8th position &Anjali secured 9th position with 90.2%.16 Students got distinction in all the 5 subjects & 15 students got distinction in 4 subjects. Overall 90 students passed with 1St division. The result of students was very much encouraging which showed the efforts of the teachers, students and the support as well as motivation of the parents & the school. Smt Rajam Sudhakaran President MECA,Directors Shri S.Sajeev &S.Sajan,Director and Principal Smt. Sajitha Thambi, Vice Principal Dr. Beena Sajeev, Head Mistress Smt. Nishi Sajan, Teachers and staff members congratulated the students and wished them for their bright future.

  Investiture Ceremony :
Investiture Ceremony Held at MVN Maitri Vidya Niketan EMSSS,Risali ,Investiture ceremony for the academic session 2018-19 was held with great solemnity and dignity. The event was presided over by President MECA Smt.Rajam Sudhakaran,Directors MECA Shri.S.Sajeev and Shri.S.Sajan and Director MECA and Principal MVN Smt.SajithaThambi. The Investiture Ceremony signifies the confidence that the school management has in the student council who would here in be accountable for the various activities of the school. The elected leaders were conferred with badges and sashes by Honourable President MECA.Smt.RajamSudhakaran. The oath was administered to MVN Head Boy Shubham Dubey(XII B), MVN Head Girl Namrata Sahu(XIIA),MVN Vice Head Boy Deepanshu Dewangan(XIIC) and Vice Head Girl ShikhaDewangan(XII B) by Principal Smt.SajithaThambi. The 16 House Captains of the 4 houses of the school ie. Gandhi House,Nehru House ,Tagore House and Tilak House were administered the oath by the Vice Principal MVN. Dr.BeenaSajeev and it was followed by Headmistress MVN Smt.Nishi Sajan administering the oath to the 36 Discipline Captains. Principal MVN & Director MECA Mrs.SajithaThambi congratulated the student council on their appointment and directed them to be impartial and honest in discharging their duties. Speaking on the occasion Director MECA.Shri.S.Sajeev congratulated the appointees and urged them to be a bridge between the school management and students as to promote the talents of the students. Shri.S.Sajan Director MECA too congratulated the appointees of the day and reiterated their duties to be performed consistently and guided students for taking right decision at right time as they are the future nation builders. The anchoring of the program was done by Mrs. Srilata Dhavala.The function concluded with the National Anthem.

  International Yoga Day Celebration at MVN :
International Yoga Day Celebration at MVN International Yoga Day was celebrated with great zeal in Matri Vidya Niketan, English Medium Senior Secondary School, Risali on 21st June. Students of classes 6 to 8 of the school performed yoga at Ravishankar Stadium, Durg. Simultaneously 600 students from Classes 9 to 12 performed yoga in the school premises under the guidance of PTIs Ramesh and Sonia Garhwal. Along with Surya Namaskar and Pranayam they performed various mudras of Tadasan, Ardha- chakrasan , Shashankasan, Bhujang asan, Vakrasan etc . All these Programs took place in a pleasing and enthusiastic atmosphere at early morning from 6.15 Am to 7.30 Am. Director and Principal Mrs. Sajitha Thambi , Vice Principal Dr.Beena Sajeev , Head Mistress Mrs.Nishi Sajan and all other teachers were present on this occasion of Yoga day.

  book fair 2018 :
Book Fair at MVN Maitri Vidya Niketan , EMSSS, Risali held a book fair organized by Scholastic at the initiative of Director MECA and Principal MVN Smt Sajitha Thambi from 11th April 2018 to 13th April 2018 in the school premises. The Book Fair was inaugurated by Principal MVN Smt Sajitha Thambi with the esteemed presence of Director MECA Shri S.Sajeev, Vice Principal MVN Dr. Beena Sajeev, Senior Headmistress MVN Smt Nishi Sajan, teachers and students. The book fair was held to motivate and to instill a love of reading in the students that lasts lifelong showcasing through the Book Fair the variety of books available in the market. Under the guidance of Book Fair Assistants (Scholastic, Raipur) Shri Madan Bagh and Shri Arjun Sona, it was an amazing opportunity for teachers, parents and students to browse through the books to satiate their inquisitiveness of the green and golden world under the sun. A wide range of books for Nursery to XII students which included hobby books,activity books,story books,reference books and fun learning books. were displayed, the students enjoyed the fair and also purchased books of their choice.

  Green & Raaniny Day 2018-2019 :
Green and rainy day celebration at MVN With the glimpses of greenery everywhere, the MVN Pre Primary Wing celebrated the ‘Rainy and Green Day’ on 16th July in the school premises with great zeal and enthusiasm. The whole ambience was flourished with teachers and children dressed in green colour attires. They brought green colour delicacies in their tiffins and enjoyed making drawings of green colour objects. Green is the colour of balance and harmony and signifies growth, spring, renewal and rebirth. The classrooms were decorated with green colour streamers and balloons.